Market Cooler Bag

Market Cooler Bag
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  • Item #: INS:MCB:BR
  • Manufacturer: Didgeridoonas

Didgeridoonas: Australian for coolers that work without ice. Crafted from genuine Australian oilcloth canvas, and insulated with pure Australian wool, Your Market Cooler Bag will create a thermal lock which will keep hot items hot, or cold items cold, for up to 6 hours without any artificial help. Want to keep the contents cold all day? Simply add one or more reusable freezer blocks, and your Market Cooler Bag will transform into a portable refrigerator which will keep the contents cold for up to 24 hours. Lightweight. Rugged. Spacious. Amazing. Guaranteed for Life.

Perfect for Tailgating, Beach Days, Concerts, Picnics, Grocery Shopping, you name it.

Dimensions: Base: 12" Wide x 14" Long x 13.5" Tall

Holding Capacity: 30 Ltr (7.92 US gallons)

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