The Monty

The Monty
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  • Item #: INS:MONTY:SD
  • Manufacturer: Didgeridoonas

The best-selling cooler bag in America reimagined ... The Australian Walkabout Cooler Bag has been the best-selling cooler bag in America since 2007. Our Founding Partners have carried their "Walkabouts" for more than a combined 20 years and half-a-million miles. In the summer of 2017 we asked ourselves "What can you possibly do to improve upon this great bag?" The answer: THE MONTY. We added twin D-rings at the top of the bag to make it easy to clip your keys, koozies, sunglasses, camera gear, sporting gear, or anything else you wish to carry, in a convenient quick-grab spot. We then added matching, adjustable straps on each side of the bag to make it easy to carry jackets, sweaters, blankets and other items hands-free. The straps are also great for securing your koozies, camera gear, sporting gear and other clip-on items to the side of the bag so they don't swing loosely as you walk. To top it off, we made the weather-proof exterior Oilcloth canvas 20% heavier than the originals, to bear whatever extra load you might choose to carry on the outside of your bag. The Monty has the same great pure Australian Wool insulation as the original Walkabout. It will keep hot items hot for 4-5 hours and cold items cold for up to 6-8 hours. Add a reusable freezer block to keep the contents refrigerator cold for up to 24 hours. Named for the Melbourne-based GMBC "Monty" Baseball Club our Founding partner David Phillips played for while in Australia, the only thing better than having your own Monty, is having a full Monty!

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