Travel Partner

Travel Partner
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  • Item #: PUR:TP
  • Manufacturer: Didgeridoonas

POCKETS! So you say you like pockets. How about 6 individually zipped pockets to allow you to easily sort and secure your precious cargo? How about having all of these pockets in a slimline design, which expands as needed, rather than some big bulky thing that is the same size when you're just carrying a few items? Meet the Travel Partner. Crafted from rugged, weatherproof, Australian oilskin canvas, with an equally rugged nylon lining, the Travel Partner is a handsome, lightweight, mid-sized, expandable bag with the capacity to replace that bulky purse, messenger bag, or small backpack. You start with a 10"x10"x2.5" main compartment, with a zipped interior pocket for valuables. On the front, you find 3 more expandable zippered pockets for easy sorting, storage and access. The canvas lined back features one more zippered pocket for those quick grab items you want to keep closest to your body. Finished with a fully expandable strap, your Travel Partner can be comfortably worn over the shoulder, or cross body, as per your preference

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