Woolamai One

Woolamai One
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  • Item #: INS:WOOL1:SD
  • Manufacturer: Cape Woolamai Mercantile

Meet the Woolamai One ... In January 2000, dear friends gave us the gift of an original Wooly Wine Cooler upon their return from Holiday in Australia. We were so amazed by the quality, that in 2005 we began importing the Didgeridoonas product family to the USA. In the summer of 2017 we asked ourselves what could we possibly do to improve upon this great wine cooler. The answer: The WOOLAMAI ONE. With thousands of "Wooly's" being lovingly used around the country, the only comment we ever get (beyond just how great they work!) is "where do I put the corkscrew?" So, we worked with the Didgeridoonas design team to enhance the original Wooly Wine by adding a hidden interior pocket for a waiter's corkscrew. And then, for good measure, we added a restaurant quality corkscrew to complete the set. For those customers who are familiar with the origins of Cape Woolamai Mercantile Co., you may notice a little extra detail in the flap which covers the pocket. Looking for the perfect gift item for the wine lovers in your life (or in your house), meet the WOOLAMAI ONE. 

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