Woolamai Too

Woolamai Too
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  • Item #: CWM-WOOL2
  • Manufacturer: Cape Woolamai Mercantile

Meet the Woolamai Too ... With the success of the original Woolamai One wool insulated wine bottle cooler with integrated corkscrew, we just had to double down on this great idea. Introducing the Woolamai Too! This 2-Bottle Wine Cooler Bag has 2 insulated sleeves to keep 2 bottles chilled, 2 bottles at cellar temp, or 1 of each at their ideal temperatures for up to 6 hours. Each glass poured from your Woolamai Too will be as fresh and refreshing as the first. Like the Woolamai One, we have included a hidden pocket on the back large enough to carry a restaurant grade waiter's corkscrew, and we have included the corkscrew for good measure. Holds up to 2 1 Liter Bottles.


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